This thing is fun! It makes arduous editing jobs enjoyable. Also, it actually functions as you’d want it to. It speeds up your workflow. I’ve saved myself hours in the last few weeks editing audio, automating plugins and faders and navigating around my sessions. Great piece of kit!


Coldplay, British Grammy Award Winning Record Producer

I’ve just found myself sitting here intuitively reaching for the right faders, working plugins, working all the editorial side of it and being able to go back and forth between sound wave editing and the mixer and I find that it’s a really brilliant interface of the two.


Post Production Sound Mixer, Bisby Studios; Two Academy Awards For Best Sound; Former Vice President of Universal Studios

I can stay in the sweet spot all the time in a 5.1 environment, which is really important to me. I can switch groups of hundreds of tracks and then those groups will just pop up in front of me. They’re organized, I can see them quickly, I can mix and make fine adjustments. I can switch between multiple computers, all of that information sitting in front of me and at my fingertips, which really hasn’t existed yet without a very large format.


Film Music Mixer; Life of Pi, The Lego Movie, Rio 2, Mixed 22 Jump Street on a Raven.

I can get around my session way quicker using the RAVEN than I can using just the mouse and key commands and this saves me time. And anything that saves me time allows me to spend more time concentrating on what’s important; the music.


Ben Harper, The Pharcyde, Barenaked Ladies, Hillary Duff, Amy Grant, Tone LOC, Lifehouse.

My RAVEN is the centerpiece of my studio. This level of control, programmability and convenience is unmatched. I’ve used Euphonix/Avid controllers and the SSL Nucleus, but neither can compete with the RAVEN’s stability, ease of use, or its power to speed up your workflow. The RAVEN is just plain fun to use! It even manages to put speed and fun into other computer usage such as iTunes, checking your email, and surfing the web. In my humble opinion, the only thing better than owning a RAVEN is owning 2 RAVEN’s!


Keyboardist, Writer, Producer, 2 Billboard #1's Made on the Raven MTi.

Slate resets the bar here and is going to turn your world upside down… An example of a multi-action would be to set up a headphone mix for a tracking session, where to would: create a stereo Aux, select a series of tracks, create a headphone send, copy the fader level to the send level – all with one button! … The RAVEN does all the tedious work for you in the background.


Dubbing Mixer/Sound Designer - Mikerophonics “Hannibal: The Man Who Hated Rome,” “Manchester United: Play Like Champions,” and “Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains.” Promo: The History Channel, Bio, ESPN, Disney, MTV, Cartoon Network, BBC.

The transition to the touchscreen was perfect. There wasn’t any slowdown in the workflow. I feel more connected to the entire process. This is a great way to work.” – Bob Schachner (Pictured Left.) “What we like about the RAVEN MTX is that it doesn’t demand that you learn it – it accommodates how you work, for instance, by letting you get started quickly and then allowing you to learn different shortcuts and other things at your own pace, as you need them.” – Brad Petrella (Pictured Right


Post Production Sound Mixers, Shooters Inc. The Lovely Bones, Syrup, The Art of the Steal, Last Days Here.

There are many milestones in mixing. The Parametric EQ, Automation, Recall, the DAW. The RAVEN is the next MILESTONE IN MIXING! It is a more efficient and creative way to mix.


Advanced Session Recording, Full Sail University Deep Purple, Marc Boussard, 7 Mary 3, Backgstreet Boys, Christina Perri, James Blunt, Chad Smith, Rock Ross, Show Patrol, Less Than Jake, Black Rebel Motorcycle, Don Felder (Eagles)

Incredible touch screen control surface for Pro Tools and other DAWs. Looking forward to using it in the studio, production, TV/Film/Trailers, and live Using it now in rehearsals with Jennifer Lopez.


Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pianist. Live Sound for Jennifer Lopez. Studio Artists: Trya, Aliyah. Television Music: Fox - “Living Single” (Queen Latifah) Fil;m: “Dr. Doolittle 2” (Eddie Murphy,) “The Girl Next Door” Trailer.

This product blew me away on so many levels, the main one was imagining how much time I could save which translated directly to how much more creative time I have for the artist. My frustration with controllers are the pages and layers, and that knob that was once this is now that. Now you can press an insert, and your plug in pops up. It’s like having your assistant hand you your outboard gear and then return it to the rack. Mixing with many faders at once, need I explain that?


Slate Hardware Design Specialist & Owner of Paul Wolff Designs Former Owner & Designer for API & Tonelux.

As someone who has grown up as part of the ‘DAW’ generation, and never mixed on an analog console, the RAVEN has been something I have envisioned for years now. I have only every mixed 100% 1TB. The idea of purchasing a new analog console seems counter-intuitive to my workflow and budget. I almost bought an ICON, until I heard about this. The RAVEN takes out the middle man, and will let me mix the way I want to, and have always dreamed about.


Audio Engineer, Slow Records Studios - Athens, GA.

It’s an absolute pleasure. The RAVEN is one of those rare products that has completely blown away our initial expectations!


Feature Editor of Sound On Sound Magazine.