“The act of touching the things you’re looking at, rather than remotely guiding a mouse pointer, makes you feel much more intimately involved with the whole music-production process.”

“The Raven MTX has a huge 46″ commercial-grade backlit LED screen of 2mm glass… Will is having one installed. Serial number 0001, to be exact.”

“This is where it is at, this is where it is going and I want one NOW!” The Slate Pro Audio Raven MTX is by far the most unique and paradigm-shifting product I have ever tried.”

“Needham’s mix HQ is a Hollywood haunt called The Ballroom, and it’s an inspirational place: a stunning view, dual Ravens, and 10’ ceilings to start…”

“With RAVEN 2.0, users can use the Batch Command System to complete these processes in a fraction of the time.”

“Introducing the RAVEN MTX from Slate Pro Audio – the first ever Multi-Touch Audio Production System.”

“Now when you are mixing and think you may have “overcooked it” – you can call up the audiosuite plug with your Raven macro (sorry – did I say Raven again?) and then call up the setting, drag the unprocessed file from the safety track, audition, change settings to a more sensible variation – and viola – look cool and tell the director how superior you are.”

“Slate resets the bar here and is going to turn your world upside down.”

“The idea that a control surface has to be made with physical faders was blown wide open when Slate Pro Audio released its original large Raven MTX controller.”

“It feels like the future! It has been so much fun to use and with the batch commands I’m improving my workflow. The HD screen is crystal clear and bright. I might like to add a second one some day. It hasn’t given me any problems… Mixing with the Raven mixer is very intuitive…” – Michael Hodge; Producer, Writer, and Staff Musician at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

“The Slate Raven is by far the most unique and paradigm-shifting product I have tried, ever. The mixing desk rethought – truly revolutionary and worthy of a technical Oscar.” – Mike Aiton, owner, Mikerophonics Post

“Community member Hans-Erik Zweidorff from Norway, reached out to us with a video showing how he uses the Batch Commander in Slate Digital’s MTi control surface, (or using the stand alone Batch Commander) in Pro Tools to prepare sessions for foreign language dubbing together with Sound In Sync’s EdiCue and EdiPrompt to make the session as much easier to handle.”

“Q&A with Steven Slate”

“Slate Media Technology RAVEN MTi2 -Get your hands on your mixes— By Recording Magazine”